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Got any fishing tips or tricks? e-mail Tom and he will place them on this site.

Jelly Fish Stings

The Jelly Fish seems to be on the flashers, lures and any rope or line that is sent into the water, what do I do???


With the warm water and over abundance of Jelly Fish, try this:


For stings from a Jelly Fish, pour seawater over the affected area for ten minutes to deactivate any remaining toxins. (Fresh water releases remaining toxins instead of deactivating them increasing the pain) Then soak the affected area in vinegar followed by applying ice. If vinegar is not available apply baking soda, rubbing alcohol, meat tenderizer or diluted ammonia.

The old-fashion cure is one's own urine since it contains plenty of ammonia.

Jelly Fish Stings

Retrieving hook ups from your fish

Ever wasted a lot of time (of course during the bite) retrieving your hooks from deep inside the guts of the fish you have just caught????? 


Compliments of Bob Dixon's trip to Ucluelet: Split the fish as if you were cleaning it and take your gear out through the stomach.  Procedure: unsnap your gear from the flasher or weight and pull it through the other way. Bob seen it, and said it was pretty slick.

Retrieving Hook Ups

Caring for your gear  (Compliments of Sid Q "Sunshine Lady")

Ever washed your flasher? Well if you haven't, try it!!!


Take your flashers every once and a while and give them a wash with soapy water and then rinse in fresh tap water. This procedure takes off all reminisce of unwanted jelly fish. It Works!!!!!!

Caring for gear
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