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Sunshine Coast Fishing Charters

Fishing with my boys

Tips Up had my two younger boys out fishing Epsom on the afternoon tide. No salmon presence but we did land one keeper ling. We headed over to Texada (Pt Upwood/Corner Cupboard) and found a nice 20lb ling that the boys teamed up on. Leading up to the evening tide we headed back to Epsom. After only about 5 minutes the rod with the hearing teaser green flasher popped and ran. The pull was heavy and solid but not the same energy of a salmon. I was thinking Halibut and that it was. I got the fish within about 6’ of the boat and noticed it had been snagged behind the head on the back side. The fish made a simple weave and the hooks let loose. I am not a Halibut expert but it looked to be near 50lbs. it was much longer than the full length of the salmon ruler of 90cm. Oh well maybe next time.

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