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Sunshine Coast Fishing Charters

July 5th -August 20th Update

Tips Up has been very busy over the last month and a half and I apologize for the lack of updates to the site. Have almost brought in fish every trip including Chinook , Coho, Big Lings, Red snapper, Rock Cod and Crab. Some of the highlights were a limit out of Springs (fish between 8 to 24 lbs) at Epsom in less than 2 hours including a couple lost – A 31 lb ling and a 20 lb spring on a trip to Sangster. A 27 lb ling that my customers graciously released at Sangster - Days of 15 to 20 coho with a few hatchery and on and on. The salmon fishing has slowed with the large full moon but I expect to find some Big Springs at Sangster once the moon phase changes and the weather settles.

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